My wine galleria


 It is made up of primarily Riesling and Merlot with a few odds and ends of previous adventures. I have always used wine kits and they have turned out great with the exception of the “Island Mist” kits. The wine is much too light for me and has a very low alcohol content. They are like a wine cooler without the CO2.

I have always used a six gallon carboy for making my wine but I am going to try some of the more exotic recipes and I don’t want to end up with six gallons of bad wine. The container on the left will be used for primary fermentation and the one on the right for secondary fermentation. These are one gallon food containers with a wide opening and the lids modified for using air-locks.

My first batch will be made from Welch’s white grape and peach frozen concentrate. The only additives will be water, sugar and Lalvin EC-1118 yeast.

I added sugar until the hydrometer read 1.06 SG which should produce app. 9% alcohol. A coffee filter fit over the top and I will let it there for app. Five days and then install the air lock.

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4 thoughts on “My wine galleria

  1. Cool! I have always wanted to try some smaller batches of fruit wine. Please keep us posted on the progress.


  2. You are stocked up now! In looking at a few kits I noticed all the wines that have additional fruit flavors have a much lower alcohol content. They would be nice in the warmer months.

    My kit is just about done, the kit takes 6 weeks. Around Dec 8th I will bottle it. It fermented to dryness a while ago though and is around 13%.

    You should try making some hard cider. All you need is cider without preservatives. You can ferment it as is or add sugar. I made some last year and it is tasting really good after aging a year. Pretty much tastes just like wine.


  3. GrafixMuse another reason I changed to one gallon batches is they are much easier to move around. John


  4. Dan my next two will be pomegranate-blueberry and apple jack. I don’t care what the Feds say. John


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