A major life style change.

Well after $60,000.00 just for testing,(insurance paid all) I have PAD, AFIB,COPD (Google search for description) and an aneurism on my aorta . I want to continue gardening but the garden will need some major changes. The beds are not high enough and the pathways are not wide enough and at some point I will need hand rails. There is not much information on the wed and I will need you to use your imagination for suggestions.

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5 thoughts on “A major life style change.

  1. Well crap, John, getting old is hell, huh? I’m close behind you. Take care, dear friend.

    I’m still using (and loving) the soil block maker you sent me a couple of years ago. I thank you…again and again.


  2. Oh John, I am so sorry to read about your health problems. If gardening makes you happy, then I hope you can modify your setup to accommodate the challenges you have ahead of you. Elevated beds may make it easier to garden without stooping. You deserve to be happy.


  3. Sue

    So sorry to hear this……..but gardeners ALWAYS PREVAIL! You’ll find ways to adapt, I’m sure. Best of luck to you!


  4. So sorry to hear that you are having health issues. I have seen real high raised gardening beds. Maybe you can have someone help you get something like that together. Take care and let us know what you come up with.


  5. Ribbit

    Well, John… That’s not okay.
    I am, however, glad that you’re looking for ways to change the garden instead of ditch it alltogether. I’ll try to think of some things.


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