Harvest Thursday

Finally getting something from the garden. It has been a three year wait but worth the effort. The subsoil was double dug with lots of compost spaded in. The two boxes for the bed were 10” X 30” X 8’ each and filled with 50/50 compost and horse bedding and lots of lime. This photo is the first years growth.

These are Jersey Giants and are living up to there name. That is a quarter atop the left hand sprout.


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4 thoughts on “Harvest Thursday

  1. Annies Granny

    Boy, does that ever look good! I wish now that I’d planted asparagus a few years ago. I’d do it now, but at my age I don’t make long range plans 😀


  2. admin

    Granny you know the old saying, “live today like its your last but plan your day like you will live forever”. Get your sons over and have an asparagus bed party.


  3. Annies Granny

    My next problem is…no room! I haven’t a square foot left unplanted.

    So, how are you feeling?


  4. admin

    Well I have been in the hospital four times in less than a year. My two worst ailments are AFIB and COPD. That is why I am modifying the garden.


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