The new garden is nearly complete

My oldest son John came in from PSU yesterday and built the first half of my accessible garden. Just finished the first box in the first photo and a final inspection in the second photo. The third photo he is building the top half of the second box and you can see some of the remnants of the old garden to his back. The fourth photo just finishing the third and forth boxes. And the last photo is an overall view of the garden. In case you are wondering what my job was , it was staying the He** out of the way, sit in the shade and drink beer. So I did and a good job also. There will be more to come.   John M.





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4 thoughts on “The new garden is nearly complete

  1. Those beds look great! They should make things a lot easier for you! That’s a good son you have there to do that work for you!


  2. mary steeves

    What have you used to fill the boxes? They look high enough that you wouldn’t need that much topsoil. I have an accessable bed that is 4 feet high. I used wood chips to fill about half and now it is decomposing and I am in trouble. I dont really want 4 feet of topsoil but I am having to add and add and add. Did you put a drainage layer? Any recommendations for me now?


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