Making Sausage

Thick smoke

You can buy sausage for about the same $ as making your own. But when making your own sausage, you control what goes into it. For my first try I bought English roast (BOGO) and trimmed all the surface fat off which produced a very lean ground meat. Then I blended in a commercial seasoning kit and stuffed the casings.

This is my smoker, I have the door open because I put too many hickory chips on the charcoal and I want a thin blue smoke. The sausages on the left are summer sausage and the sausages on the right are venison hot Italian sausage. Both turned out Grrrrr8. I kept one summer sausage and gave the rest to my kids and the Italian sausage to a friend. All the sausage lasted about one day.

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2 thoughts on “Making Sausage

  1. You gave it to your kids?

    Uh…hi, Daddy!

    Well, heck. I can dream, can’t I?


  2. Maybe we could have a bloggers party. You could do the veggies and I could do the sausages. 😉


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