Accessable garden update

This is my Grandson Dan. Sorry for the apple branch in front of his face. He is in the process of top dressing the fall leaves and decorations. There is nothing that will excite a red worm like pumpkin. There will be substantial shrinkage by Spring and I will top dress again with composted horse bedding.

The four beds are filled and nothing to do until spring.


The upper garden is filled also, while nearly. The cyclone fence in the center will be taken out and there is enough soil to fill the beds on the right.


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2 thoughts on “Accessable garden update

  1. Sue

    Really like that “raised” raised beds. I’m sure you’ll have some happy worms this winter!


  2. John W. Best

    To All folks who follow Johns Journal……..

    Dad is in the hospital, St. Margarets in Pittsburgh.

    I wish I could say he’s doing better. He had a major surgery (part of aorta replaced) on Tuesday, he seemed to be doing pretty well on Wednesday, then took a bad
    turn. He’s in a fight for his life. I’m fairly sure he won’t be back on his website for at least a good week or so. It’s probably going to take a good 6 weeks of healing, and though Dad’s fairly tough minded, some support sure can’t hurt, so, if anyone would care to send a card to him at the hospital, I reckon the nurses would get it to him. IF he’s going to get through this, it’s because he’s in the right frame of mind. I know his interactions with you folks are important to him. If there are any comments, well-wishes, etc, I’ll take him a printout, so just post them here or email them to me.

    Regards All,
    John (John’s oldest Son)


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