We are smokin now

The Platters – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [Single Version]

Yesterday I smoked a 5 pound Duck. It is only about half done in the photo. It looks like Zorro was here but I just sliced the skin all over to let the fat render out. The taste was something like a chicken but different and the texture was different and it was still too fat for me. From now on it will be more sausage and less duck.

Did somebody say sausage? This morning I got up early and smoked 15+ pounds of venison hot Italian sausage. The flavor was different/better than I had expected. They will probably be eaten like summer sausage.

Off topic. This bugger has been hanging around since late summer. I don’t know what species he/she is but it is about 24 inches form head to tail. No birds or squirrels in sight.

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2 thoughts on “We are smokin now

  1. Oh boy, I just love duck! I have never had venison hot Italian sausage. I bet it is good! My husband “The Italian” just said that his Uncle used to make it and it is wonderful!


  2. Happy Holidays! The hawk looks like a young Red-tailed Hawk. The tail does not turn red until they are a few years old.


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