Double Stuffed Peppers


Here’s an experiment my wife is working on….double stuffed peppers.  The outside pepper is a Kapia, (very sweet).  The inside was a sweet Hungarian, but she’s also done some hot Hungarians and Poblanos.    The cheese is cheddar/colby.



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4 thoughts on “Double Stuffed Peppers

  1. Those look delicious….but how are you? It’s been forever since you’ve blogged, and I’ve been very worried about you, what with your recent health problems. Did you grow a successful garden this year? Curious minds want to know 🙂


    • That is my oldest son’s post, but I have been hiding in the grass. About the time I was able to putz around the drought set it and the garden sucked. I will be ready for next year this fall though. JMB


  2. Well, I’m certainly happy to hear you’re alive and kicking, and hope you’ll be up to gardening and posting on your blog again next spring. I’m looking forward to the end of my very productive gardening year….I’m ready for that recliner in front of the fireplace! Besides the usual garden and household chores, I have been painting the exterior of the house these past couple of weeks. My body tells me I’m getting too darned old for that kind of stuff!


  3. Dad, I think ‘putts’ is spelled ‘putz’. Anyway, you’re puttering around a lot better than back in January!


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