Don't fence me in

give me land lots of land

Oh, give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above. I have converted my garden to an accessible garden. I had to make room in my paths to turn my scooter around which resulted in a reduction of growing space. In an effort to reclaim some space I plan to use a dryer drum to plant my zucchini in. The first photo is the corner space I can use and the second photo shows my irrigation system for that drum.



In this photo the bed to the left is for winter squash and in the back, right hand corner, I plan to put in a second drum for rhubarb. I also plan to put a drum in the upper garden for cherry tomatoes. John 
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2 thoughts on “Don't fence me in

  1. Hi, John. It’s been a long time. Last year, you and I had a conversation about family. Thank you for guiding me on my way. I met ‘them’ this summer. A choice well made. Thank you for your guidance.


  2. Well as a quadriplegic gardener I admire your resolve. I rely on friends to enable my endeavors but I do miss the feeling of soil in my hands.


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