I vow to Mother Nature to be on time this year.

It seems that I am always behind when it comes to gardening. Sometimes it is beyond my control but not always. This year it will be different please please  please I will be starting my eggplant this week, the peppers two weeks from now and the tomatoes and broccoli three weeks from now. When I transplant will depend on how well the seedlings are doing. The plants will be set out during the first two weeks of May depending on the weather forcast. In the meantime I will be hoping for a great gardening year. Sch…, sch…did anybody hear mother nature make her vows???????

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3 thoughts on “I vow to Mother Nature to be on time this year.

  1. I just set up my plant shelves and lights yesterday. It looks like my schedule is just about the same as yours. Most seeds will be started March 10-15. I wish it would warm up enough to begin laying out and amending my garden beds, but we get teased with sunshine and 50F one day, then back into the 40s the next. I’m too old to put up with working out in the cold!


  2. Hi Granny, I’ll be soliciting help from the kids and grandkids to get my beds ready. I have a lot of garlic in olive oil for wages. I’m with you about the weather. 😉


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