Becoming a non packrat in preparation to move

    After saving things, hear after referred to as stuff, for app. 53 years and having to downsize our residents, I am now throwing stuff out big time. I have always been a do it yourselfer  and saved any stuff that had a potential to be used for something else. I would save stuff that someone else had thrown out. A friend of mine and I used to say, whoever dies with the most stuff wins.

    Even though I used a lot of the stuff there is a lot left to get rid of. We are planning on moving into a Condo. hopefully early next year. Condos in our price range have very nice living space but have limited storage space. We both know our limitations and are psychologically  ready to make the move. This photo is our current house and the second photo is representative of where we will be living. As you can see it will be a hard move.

1 House 1


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One thought on “Becoming a non packrat in preparation to move

  1. Something is missing here…. Oh ya, The larger garage and “stuff, and the gardening/greenhouse “stuff” out back!


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