24 th of August and I just picked our 3rd and 4th tomato

24 th of August and I just picked our 3rd and 4th tomato. Every thing else did great but we had several days in the 90s and the tomatoes did not set blossoms until late. The first photo is what I am use to and the second is what I got this year. We still have a way to go though but who knows what will happen next maybe a early Fall.tomato


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6 thoughts on “24 th of August and I just picked our 3rd and 4th tomato

  1. John, that’s terrible that you’ve picked so few tomatoes! This hasn’t been my best year for them, but with 135 pounds of them already harvested, I guess I’m pretty lucky! They are in a lull now, as our triple digit temps for several days in July caused some blossom drop, but there are quite a few green ones again, so I should get a few more pounds yet.


  2. You have so many beautiful tomatoes on the vine. I hope they all have time to ripen. Tomatoes are late in my garden this year too. Late spring then hotter than normal temperatures caused most of the first blossoms to drop. Usually this time of year I am canning sauce and salsa. I am still waiting for enough tomatoes to can a batch.


  3. John, we are in the same situation here with tomatoes. The leaves on the maples tress are already turning color here in northeast Ohio.


  4. It’s been a strange year for tomatoes. Mine are at least a month late!


  5. AG,GM, M & R. The top photo is from about 4 years ago. The bottom photo is typical of the last three.


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