Am I becoming a crotchety old man?

I have been watching more TV as of late and am appalled at the poor programing and acting. Also the commercials are directed at morons. Am I going to buy from some one that thinks I am a moron? I think not. As a result I have turned to Youtube and watch old programs like Soap, Frazier, Cheers and some of the old comedians that didn’t use cuss words. One program that I do watch on TV is Cops. The problem there is the program will make you paranoid and afraid to go out at night. Almost all episodes are about scum bags that either are on parole, of have felony warrants. What is wrong with these judges that think the prisons are too crowded? My solution is build more prisons or add more bunks.

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2 thoughts on “Am I becoming a crotchety old man?

  1. Mike

    Netflix and Amazon Streaming are great sources for old shows (Dick Van Dyke Show, Leave it to Beaver, etc)


  2. Nick Best

    While I do think you are a “crotchety old man” I agree with you about Junk TV and way too many commercials. I miss when the History and Discovery Channels had real history and not just reality TV about duck hunters and loggers, but I guess that’s what books are for!


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