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Correction on the previous post

I posted about smoking meats inside with a range hood. It worked very well with propane and the small wood chip box but when I tried it with the off set fire box with sticks it overwhelmed the range hood. On one of the forums, someone posted this photo and it gave me 2nd, 3rd and 4th thoughts. My previous post was not a good idea and I hope that nobody tried to duplicate my setup. I think that is a very good demonstration of the value of the forums.

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Next year’s firewood.

This is at my son’s house and he had several huge trees that were dying and had large limbs that were dangerously dropping to the ground. The tree in the first two photos was leaning toward some telephone and power lines and had to have guide lines and come a long’s attached to straighten it up. The video is of the tree coming down.



This photo is of the tree that was just fallen. The cut sections are about 16”-18” long and there is probably close to a full cord of wood in this one tree.


There are three other trees in the pile in the background of the previous photo that are almost as big as the first tree. The next two photos will give you some idea of the volume of firewood that has to be cut and split. John



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Cuttin Farwoood (thats for EG)

After they got finished logging the farm there were several logs the sawmills would not take because of bad spots in the center of the logs. You can zoom in on the logs and you will never guess what kind of wood they are. It was a chance to get some easy firewood for the fireplace. It was very easy to park right beside the logs and start cutting. It would only take two logs to fill the trailer and the truck, almost a full cord. I keep my equipment behind the seat in the truck. In the first photo, the trailer is almost full and the cut pieces and the log closest to the truck filled the remainder of the trailer and the truck.


In this photo, I have the second load cut and loaded, and about to head home, about 50 mi. I estimate there were about 4 – 6 more loads. Because of limited space, I had to split and stack the wood to make room for the next load. A week later I returned for the next load and guess what, the pile was gone, vanished into thin air. I got my third load but not quite as easy and there was enough wood left to last my lifetime. Well guess what again, that was in 2006 and today, all the wood is gone. It makes it difficult to keep a rosy mental photo of mankind.



p.s. the logs in the photo are sassafras and it smells great in a fireplace.2ndload2

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