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Cannot wait for spring!!!

My Mother use to stand on a box and harness a team of horses like these and go out and cultivate corn, she was 10 Years old at that time. When I was 10 Years old, my Grandfather would drive the team (different team of course) and my brother and cousin and I would follow the hay wagon and pitch the hay into the wagon. When the wagon was full we would pitch the hay in to the barn loft. When I reached 14 years of age my Grandfather was to old to farm any longer and I was busy chasing girls.


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First day of fall coming soon

September 22nd and it will be Fall. I want to get my garlic in before that and soon after clean all the warm weather crops off the garden. I won’t dig sweet potatoes or gather winter squash until first frost warning. The Yukon gold and Kennebec potatoes will be dug as needed until the soil begins to freeze deeply.

This was the fourth year in a row for a poor garden. The last three years we had spring weather all summer and last year I was able to grow lettuce all summer and the warm weather crops did poorly. This year it got too hot too fast and the cool weather crops did poorly. We usually have 2-3 days in the 90s and this year we had about 14 days in the 90s and many in the high 80s. Crops like peppers, eggplant, sweet potatoes and winter squash did well. The regular potatoes from what I have seen so far will be nothing to brag about.

The sweet potatoes look like they will produce well. These we will have for dinner tonight.


The winter squash did very well And I may have to shoot one of my wife’s pet deer to get us through winter.


The asparagus looks like it did fantastic for the first year’s growth for planted 2yr crowns.


This is how many asparagus sprouts I got from one crown. Can’t wait for next spring.

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Help I am getting lethargic

Lately I have been neglecting my garden, my journal and the forums. Its not depression because I can set and look at the things I should/can be doing and be happy as a pig in sh|*. I may snap out of it or it may get worse who knows. Have any of you experienced this and if so what did you do or are you still as happy as that old pig.


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I think this qualifies for intensive gardening.

On the far left are 24 Jersey Giant asparagus plants, left of center are 26 Yukon Gold potatoes, right of center are 26 Kennebec potatoes and far right are 12 Butter Bush winter squash.


These are 20 Nemagold Sweet potatoes.


Here are 12 Endive, 6 per row. Lettuce has been harvested from front and back.


Between the SPs and Endive and on the fence is a Gardeners Delight cherry tomato.


To the left of the Endive and against the fence is a Fourth of July tomato.


These are my peppers, in front are two rows of three Big Dippers, in the back row there is one Sweet Banana, one Picante and one Red Bell.


Here are 6 Black Beauty eggplants.


In the foreground are 5 Little Cloud cauliflowers. Lost one to a wind storm. In the background are 5 Green Goliath broccolis. Lost one of these in the same storm.


Garlic, onions, spinach and lettuce were harvested form the bed in the foreground and is now ready for fall planting. The bed in the background has one Zucchini plant on the right and two Brandy Boy tomatoes on the left. The two tomato plants are over four ft tall and only have 4-6 tomatoes on each. That rate had better pickup or this year will be the last for Brandy Boys.


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Just in time for Easter

 A few of the early spring blooms, few commentaries mostly photos.

This time of the year, these guys show up again. I have fired them several times but they keep coming back. I think this guy is drunk all the time.

And this guy stands around with his pruners but you never see anything pruned???

And this guy is always craping. Maybe that is why every thing is so green.

What kind of caracter would be cutting Christmas trees now? Maybe he is planning on Christmas in July?



This one is always looking fore something to cut down.


Now this one, I have seen him move between his food bowl and bed but I am not sure what velue he has for the garden.   John









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Guess what is for supper

I checked the YG potatoes today too see if I would be getting any potatoes this year. They were about 4” and 10” from the end of the bed on 2 plants. Both potatoes were about an inch under the soil and I am hoping there are larger ones underneath. The potatoes are about the size of a baseball and weighed 11oz


PT1 is doing very good and I cannot wait to harvest.


There is a second sprout from the spud in the PT2 that broke the surface several days ago. The “Dud Spud” is still a no show and it is doubtful that it will.


The TPT is not looking very good. The largest sprout broke when it came to the seam of the two carboys but is still trying to grow. All of the tips though are turning brown and I think the GH is too hot this time of year to grow potatoes. I removed some of the soil so there is about ½” left above the sprouts. I hope that they will recover.     John


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I do grow veggies other than potatoes

I have been posting about potatoes so often I thought I should show you my other veggies. This is my asparagus bed. I planted two-year-old crowns and supposedly, I can make limited cuttings next spring. They look so spindly I sort of dough it.


The bell peppers are Big Dippers and are loaded with blossoms.

Bell Peppers

The Bibb lettuce is fantastic and will be my annual lettuce. It also did very well in the GH last winter.

Bib Lettuce

The broccoli looks good and is about to develop heads. The three plants in front are purple cabbage.


I have not grown Brussels sprouts for a while and will not be able to predict outcome until late summer. And another three purple cabbage in front.

Brussels Sprouts

The Butterbush winter squash have sprouted and have to grow about 10” North to reach the trellis. I will tie them to the sticks to get them off the soil as soon as possible to help me combat the squash bugs.


Cauliflower is not showing any sign of heads yet but it usually takes longer than the broccoli.


The eggplant is chucking full of blossoms and looking great.


I free sowed the endive and thin it as we eat. As soon as I thin it, it fills back in.


Onion plants are just taking root and hard to see. I also planted 12 Alisa Craig onions that can get up to five pounds each.


Cannot say much about the tomatoes except they are on there way to higher places.


The Zucchini are on there way to the first rung of the ladder. I will see how this goes.


The sweet potatoes are growing slowly, the weather has been very cool but I hope the roots are developing well.

Sweet Potatoes

Ok, I have to say something about the potatoes. The ones in the foreground are the Kennebec and the ones in the background are the Yukon Gold. The fence to the right is four ft tall. As usual, all comments are welcome.


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A case for saving my own seeds

I planted sixty tomato seeds this year. Today when checking there condition, there was one and only one out of sixty that had potato shaped leaves. Something similar happened to Granny this year. The tomato seeds were from the big “B” seed company and cost about $0.10 per seed, which is ridicules. If it is a Brandywine Pink, I think I would keep it but it may be a German Johnson, which I did not like. Maybe my daughter who has a large garden will grow it and I can keep some seeds if it is a BP. Some if not all of the big seed companies are having there seeds packaged over seas and I am afraid this will be a common occurrence. Next year, I will be buying very few if any seeds.



As usual, all comments are welcome.    John

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Mother Nature finally relented

Well maybe not with aging but the weather was beautiful. Sixty-five deg f and partly sunny. I was able to get the rest of my apple trees pruned and I am hoping to get them sprayed twice with oil spray before they blossom. She (MN) has not been very kind since early fall, I am hoping she will have a conscience and give us a nice growing season.


 While I was pruning the apple trees, the UPS truck showed up with my block of coco coir and new burners for the BBQ grill. Both will require there own entry for the journal. 


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What happened where have I been?

           Through the mid 50s to the mid 60s my hobbies consisted of gardening, hunting fishing, golf, woodworking and photography don’t ask where I got the time. In the later 60s, I gave up golfing and started camping. From the mid 50s till now gardening has been my most serious hobby, probably because its roots run deepest into my heritage. During the mid 50s to mid 60s I subscribed to the Organic Gardner, Mother Earth News, The farm Journal and the Pennsylvania Farmer magazines. I read all form cover to cover trying every month to stay current. After about 10 years they all seemed to become redundant and I dropped my subscriptions. Through this time I tried to concentrate on working 8 hrs a day raising my family and of coarse my hobbies. From then until now because of age and health I have given up woodworking, camping, hunting and fishing. I’m still active in gardening and photography. In 1993 I was offered a golden handshake I couldn’t pass up. All of a sudden my family is raised and they are raising there own families and I have additional time to spend on my hobbies.


I decided to try my hand at propagation by stem cuttings which led me to the internet and various forums all with interesting subjects. I got hooked by the internets benefits and downfalls and have spent many winter months reading and participating in these forums. I’m astonished at the complexity that gardening has become. There are many self appointed experts making statements of fact based on feelings alone. Anytime you read something that just doesn’t add up, ask for a link to the original data that judgment was based on, not a link to another person that made the same statement but to the original data/report the statement was based on. Be tactful though most of these people seem to be very thin skinned. What concerns me is with the young people that may be interested in starting to garden may be scared off with all the complexity. I was taught gardening by people that depended on gardening for there very existence. It is very simple and straight forward. That’s why I say ”Give me that old time gardening, its good enough for me”.




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