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Gretel and Ginger

These were my hunting dogs a German short hair and a Brittany spaniel. I used Gretel for pointing and Ginger for flushing. Gretel was my best pet ever (holding Butch’s ears and my other pets can’t hear now).


This photo is of Gretel watching where the grouse landed that I just shot. At home Gretel would be sleeping in the family room and I would go through three rooms to the den and quietly open the gun cabinet. When I would rack the shotgun, Gretel would come racing into the den excited and want to go hunting.


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Camp and feed plots for critters

A good friend of mine has owned a camp in McKean Co. PA for about 40 years. I retired in the spring of 1993 and spent all of May at camp except for two weekends. I still do not know how we got away with that. The camp is centrally located on about 40 acres of bottomland, which is bordered on two sides with trout streams and a small stream through the center of the property that has native brook trout in it. It is common to see deer, black bear, turkeys, grouse and songbirds. It is uncommon to see a coyote though but it does happen. I have put together a few photos at camp and a short video of planting feed plots for the critters. Hope you enjoy it.



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My favorite hobby

Gardening has always been my favorite hobby. It was those pesky ancestors that got me started in the first place. I have enjoyed gardening and the thoughts of those ancestors all my adult life. It was gardening that got me browsing the internet for information, where I have met many people and I consider most of them my friends. However, as usual I get too many irons in the fire, epically in the spring and fall of the year. Lately I have been thinking why I started this damn journal in the first place. Well I came up with several answers, to further communicate with my friends, collect all my posts in one location, to get more information and most important ( forgive me friends) to give my grandchildren some insight in to there Pap. Three of four children are gardeners, and I think the fourth will be when he gets his landscaping finished. One of ten grandchildren is married and is a gardener. The rest of the grandchildren are ether too young or single yet and not ready for the domestic life. I am very proud of all of them and the number of gardeners. I hope that one of my descendants will print and save my journal for there descendants to read, although they will probably think, what kind of fruitcake was he? I hope that this winter and next summer, I can devote more time to the journal and not let it become stagnant also in the spring and fall to keep it more current. Thanks for reading.   John

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