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Mobile garden on a rack.

Mobile garden on a rack.

This is my start for 2013, Only the top two racks are needed, so the bottom ones are put to other temporary uses. Note each red solo cup has a hole poked in the bottom so you only add water through the big tubs. The individual plants suck up the water from the tubs just fine.
Tomato’s, peppers and eggplant here.

Mobile?  well, it built on a rack I bought at a big box store.  I reckon I’ll wheel it outside as soon as it’s warmer.  This is a long Winter, here on April first I should be able to take them out during the day.   At least it’s consistently cold.  That warm March last year, followed by a cold snap wrecked my fruit trees and if not for a second flourish of grape buds, those would have been wiped out too.   I can’t imagine farming on a large scale back in the days before crop insurance.

By the way……..we got 25% germination from eggplant (Black Beauty) from a big box store.  My wife replanted triple seeds in the ones that didn’t come up.  By contrast, tomato seed from last year (saved) from three varieties germinated 100%.  Peppers (also saved) came up at 80%.  We didn’t get fancy with the wet paper towel tricks.  We just planted them in soil. watered and waited.   Eggplant was two weeks, peppers and tomatoes were faster, around a week and a half I think.

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