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Happy New Parsnips!

Parsnip harvest on January 1, 2010?   Prior to today, about half of the 10 foot row of parsnips had been removed, one at a time, as my wife used them in soups since this fall.  Here it is January 1, and I’m lucky the ground isn’t seriously frozen.   This morning here in State College PA, it’s frozen only about 1-1/2 to 2 inches deep at most.  This morning it was an unusually warm 40 degrees out, so what better way to start off 2011 than to go out and dig in the garden a bit?

These are the two best ones.  There were a number of larger parsnips but they weren’t as pretty.    I weighed the harvest from about  5- 6 feet of a row, we got exactly 22 pounds (10 kilo’s) of parsnips without greens, but with a wee bit of soil.  I put them in a bag in the bottom of the beer fridge.

Regarding their use, they have a good taste, I’d say they add a bit of a sweetness, and can be added to almost any kind of soup.

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