Soil Test

Since I had the core sample, I decided to do a soil test. The test chambers on the left side of the containers are lighter in the photos than they were with the negated eye. I think the light averaging of the camera screwed it up. The Nitrogen test was between N1 and N2, the Phosphorus test was between F2 and F3 and the Potash test was between K0 and K1. I think I will add some 10-10-10 sparingly this year.


The pH test indicated between 6.5 and 7. I also had some pH test paper and it indicated between 6 and 7. I will not do anything for the pH this year.


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3 thoughts on “Soil Test

  1. I have never tried soil tests before. Do you do them often?

    I put my raised beds in last year and filled them with 18″ of good quality triple mix, 5 yards altogether. I was planning on adding compost, bone meal, blood meal & some sand as drainage was slightly poor last season.


  2. Hi Dan, I have had PSU do soil tests in the past but I thought I would try the test kit myself. The color of the water in the test chamber was much more definitive to the eye than in the photos. I should have put the vowels in a light box/tent for photographing. I was planning on adding some 10-10-10 and some wood ashes to the beds before the test. So was the test kit a waist of money? Maybe so but it was fun.:o)



  3. engineeredgarden

    I sent off a soil sample from my projected flowerbed to Auburn today. It seems that Master Gardeners get 1 free test per year. Cool. I would think that the litmus paper test was reasonably accurate.



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