Composting 2009

I was not planning on Bloging about this today but decided it would be of interest to composters and soon to be composters. I finished shredding yesterday, last falls garden debris along with grass clippings, a few leaves, all the annual flowers, 11 hanging baskets, about 15 rotting pumpkins and 4 bundles of corn with ear corn attached. I thought I would have enough shredded material to fill one of my 3 X 3 X 3 bins and was planning to add some urea to get it to heat up. This morning, about 36-38 HRS after I started shredding, I was going to build my compost pile. To my surprise there was steam vapor coming off like crazy. I think I was grinning from ear to ear. Now I am planning on letting it set until it cools to about 120 DEG then add some urea and fill my bin.


I inserted my compost thermometer and sure enough, it was at 150 deg. I am hoping that, adding the urea and the aeration from filling my bin, it will reach or exceed 165 deg to kill any weed seeds that may be present.


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7 thoughts on “Composting 2009

  1. Dan Staley

    John, do you have your own shredder, or do you rent, or do you use a mower? I can’t seem to get the better half to want to shred the garden waste, and the compost bin sits there…



  2. Hi Dan, I bought an old W W Grinder on Craigs list. There is a photo in this post


  3. engineeredgarden

    John, i’m gonna sneak up there and put some liquid nitrogen on your pile. 🙂 It’s no fair!!! My piles have never got over 120….



  4. Hey John, check the compost again, I bet it’s in the 165 range with what you put in there. It may be lower due to the shape of your pile though.

    Great post. I need to work on my compost bin for 2009.


  5. EG, I have two bales of straw to compost and no greens or fresh HM. I may have to take you up on that.

    Sinfonian, I checked it this morning and it is about 150+ deg. I have never been able to hit 165 without using fresh HM or urea.



  6. Is 165 required? I would think 150 should be fine for killing weeds. Not sure I guess.


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