Sweet Potato harvest for 2009

This is my sweet potato harvest for 2009. A total of 21lb 9oz or about one lb per square. I planted 20 squares with one slip per square (SFG style). At $0.52 per slip, I am not sure they are worth the space. They are Georgia Jets and I would be interested in what others have harvested this year, particularly in the northern climates. As usual, all comments are welcome. John


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3 thoughts on “Sweet Potato harvest for 2009

  1. I’d say that is a really good harvest, looks impressive to me! Now that you have the tubers you can grow your own slips next season.


  2. jbest123

    Thanks Dan, sweet potatoes are new to me. I guess I don’t know what to expect. John


  3. Janice

    Rather than pay 52 cents per slip, you could grow your own. Buy one organic sweet potato (Whole Foods carries them), stick toothpicks in it, and set it halfway in a jar of water in a sunny window. When the vines sprout and reach a few inches, clip them off and root them. You can easily get 10 slips from one potato.


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